А member of the board of the organization “All Together!” Vitaliy Vynogradov was found shot dead in his hometown of Bucha

А member of the board of the organization “All Together!” Vitaliy Vynogradov was found shot dead in his hometown of Bucha

Under the onslaught of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian occupants retreated from the previously captured conglomeration of the three cities of Irpin-Bucha-Gostomil near Kyiv. On April 1, the Ukrainian army and authorities returned there. And then the whole world saw the consequences of the month-long occupation – brutal killings, violence, and abuse of civilians. Hundreds of tortured bodies in the open air along roads, in parks, and in hastily dug group burials.

On one of the streets on the first day after liberation, the body of our close friend and long-time colleague Vitaliy Vynogradov was found. He had been shot by Russian occupants in the middle of the street in his hometown.

We made a public announcement about his disappearance on March 11. The chronology of events is as follows…

On Friday, March 4, Vitaliy called the head of the organization “All Together!” Ruslan Kukharchuk and informed him that the city of Bucha was completely occupied by Russian troops, so he intended to urgently find a way to evacuate in order to get to Kyiv and temporarily settle in his office.

The next day – Saturday, March 5 – Vitaliy spoke with two more representatives of the organization, confirming his intention to get to Kyiv. He considered the option of walking or finding a passing car. The intention was full of risk, since even then the Russian military was shooting those who tried to get out of the occupied city.

On March 6 he left home. Since then there has been no contact with him.

After a long search and receiving reliable information about Vitaliy Vynogradov’s absence at home, on March 10 we filed an official report with the National Police of Ukraine about his disappearance.

On April 1, after liberation of Bucha from Russian occupants, the shot body of Vitaliy Vynogradov was found on Yablonska Street in Bucha. The body of Oleg Grishchenko, his brother from the church who had been shot dead, was also found nearby.

Exactly one month after Vitaliy’s disappearance, we publish with deep sorrow this official notification…

Vitaly Vinogradov is a long-term associate and close friend of Ruslan Kukharchuk. Since 2008 he had been taking part in all kinds of our events. Since 2010 he had been a key member of organizing committees of all the festivals “United Together for Family”, street direct actions, journalistic Novomedia Forums, Global Leadership Summits. Resident of the Cabinet of Experts. For the last five years he had been a member of the organization board “All Together!”

A brilliant organizer, talented journalist and analyst, respected theologian and teacher…

We thank God Almighty for all the years of our ministry together with Vitaliy.

We express our deepest condolences to his family and relatives.

Vitaliy is a man who was loved.

Who is loved now.

And will always be remembered.

“All Together!” Movement

Ruslan Kukharchuk and Vitaliy Vynogradov, 2021

Filming “All Together!” office on Nadezhda TV channel, 2018

Backstage at the “United Together for Family” Festival, 2019

Awarding at the “All Together!” Forum for many years of dedicated service, 2019

Christian Media Conference Organizing Team, 2021

“All Together!” office at the Global Leadership Forum, 2021

Vitaliy Vynogradov and his friend shot in their native Bucha

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